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Wine Universe Corp. is a boutique-style independent import, marketing and distribution wholesale company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. We are dedicated to representing hand-picked wineries who have the same passion for winemaking as we have in strategically marketing and distributing their wines. These producers, from top wine regions around the globe, create wines that offer the best, most authentic expression of the terroir from their vineyards. With over 12 years of experience, it's no wonder that our long list of loyal customers includes top restaurants of New York, busy liquor stores, popular bars...Our diverse portfolio consist of wide variety of wines from Europe, Latin America and Middle East. We carry full line of products, from budget-priced to high-end, including artisanal beer selection. Wine Universe Corp. is driven by a simple principle: Recognize products that will be cutting-edge tomorrow while paying attention to the needs of our customers today. The brands of Wine Universe Corp. are unique, and important to both knowledgeable and emerging wine and beer consumers. Each product featured in our portfolio has been specifically selected for its quality, innovation and respect for tradition. We are industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in premium wine sales and distribution. Our knowledge and passion, combined with a commitment to customer service, have enabled us to build lasting relationships with a sophisticated and demanding customer base. The service Wine Universe Corp. provides is second to none. Nonetheless, we strive to do better for our customers.


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Wine Universe Corp.

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